Professional Advisers

Specialist Services for Professional Advisers

Who are we?

Estate Planning DNA is a boutique firm offering specialist services in:

  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Mediation

Our focus in these areas allows us to devote the time and gain the knowledge required to provide you with solutions that really work.

What can we do for you and why are we different?

Our primary objective is to build relationships with our alliance partners that work by focusing on what we can do for them and their clients: how we can add value to their practices.

Our primary objective is not at the expense of experience.  By focusing on processes and services related to succession and legacy we can provide a more effective and accessible outcome for our alliances and their clients.

We are a knowledge based practice

We want your clients to understand their estate plan and how it works.  We don’t provide a ‘black box’ solution that merely means the client has a Will.

With our interactive processes clients play an important role in providing outcomes based on what’s important to them, not us!

Simpler effective solutions

Whilst estate and succession planning cannot be made simple, our processes make it simpler to understand.  This understanding and relativity to desired outcomes is paramount in achieving a finished plan.

Our research has shown that typically, less than 60% of estate plans that are started are actually implemented.

Our results are closer to 90%!

By taking a holistic approach we make Estate Planning effective.

Without considering the implications and strategies for family trust succession, superannuation nominations and protective trusts for example, an estate plan is likely to be incomplete and ineffective, perhaps even disastrous.


An important part of our purpose is to make Estate Planning accessible to the Australian community.

With this in mind we have developed processes and packages for a variety of needs and benefits.

When necessary we will travel to a client’s home and we are always keen to see clients at our alliances’ offices.

Cost transparency

Unlike so many Law firms with Estate Planning DNA there are no surprises.  Our first meeting with a client is cost free and at the end of that meeting they will be given a costing based on the work to be done.  This will not be increased unless there is additional work to be done which is not included in the initial scope of the estate plan.


We are able to demonstrate a sustainable process which adds clarity and value to Estate and Succession planning.  Clients and advisers can clearly identify the ‘next steps’ and what to expect through plan implementation.


We are committed to providing feedback to advisers who refer their valued clients to Estate Planning DNA.  This feedback can be designed to align with your own processes and requirements.