Sink or Swim

Amy Williams is an incredible and inspiring lady. The mother of three young children Henry, Ruby and Mia, she lost their father and the love of her life, Joe, suddenly and without any health warning .

Her book ’Sink or Swim’ is an extraordinary account of how she dealt with the devastating consequences , made all the worse by the absence of any Will made by Joe who died intestate. She now finds comfort in the fact that she has ensured , through her own Estate Plan , that should anything happen to her there is a plan in place providing certainty and a safe and secure future for those she leaves behind.

Amy uses the emotional impact of her journey to encourage others to ensure they do not find themselves in the same situation that she faced when Joe died.

Sink or Swim is an inspiring story of courage and resilience and is a book very much worth reading . To listen to her podcast click the link below.

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