Leaving a Legacy


Leaving a Legacy

We all leave a legacy – the question is whether our legacy is one that has a positive impact on those we love and leave behind or one that results in unexpected consequences, conflict and complexity.

Our legacy is formed throughout our lives in accordance with our core values; what is important to us and the enduring attributes of our character. It is not all about the assets we leave behind; it is also about the values we pass on by act or omission and its impact upon our heirs and those close to them.

We have the choice throughout our lives to be aware of our values and the legacy we create as well as the choice to ensure that, when we leave the planet, our exit results in harmony not conflict, in appreciation of a life and its impact on those whose lives we touch along the way.

We can enhance our legacy in our lifetime by taking positive action and implementing a well constructed Estate Plan: or we can believe that all will fall into place, which it won’t.

An Estate Plan founded on our core values and articulating our wishes for the effective preservation and distribution of assets goes a very long way to ensuring that our legacy is one for which we are proud to be remembered.

Is there something you need to do?


Mike Sayer

September 2017


“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”

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