Estate Planning Services


Summary of Item

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This document determines who inherits from you.

Testamentary Trust (Willmakers)

Your gifts to each other take advantage of the potential tax savings and asset protection available in a testamentary trust.

Testamentary Trusts

Your gifts to your main beneficiaries take advantage of the potential tax saving and asset protection available i.e bankruptcy and Family Law.

Vulnerable Beneficiary Trust

Where a beneficiary needs the inheritance to be cared for due to vulnerability arising from disability or social issues.

Special Disability Trust

Where a beneficiary is eligible to benefit from the special treatment of funds for people with a disability.

Mutual Will Agreement

A contract between you and your spouse (or partner) to make Wills that protect your gifts to the next generation.

Beneficiary Nomination

Providing direction to your superannuation trustees on who is to receive your superannuation assets either binding or non-binding.

Enduring Power(s) of Attorney

This document gives another person the power to sign on your behalf in business or financial decision making.

Enduring Power(s) of Guardianship

This document gives another person the power to make personal, lifestyle or medical treatment decisions for you.

Advance Health Directive(s)

In this document, you make medical treatment decisions for yourself in advance.

Trust Deed Variation/update

Your family trust needs to be updated or varied to match your estate plan.

Business Succession

An agreement between business owners to preserve business but benefit family in the event of death or disability.

Estate Funding

Strategies using insurance to “leverage” your estate and ensure that your estate can provide a safe and secure future for those important to you.

Estate Protection

Insurance strategies to protect your estate and financial resources during your lifetime.

Signing Meeting

Additional meeting to ensure correct signature of all documents.

Estate Directory

Estate Planning DNA designed folder for preserving estate planning documents.


We provide storage of your Will(s) in a special vault protected against fire and water damage.