The Value in Values

The Value in Values

Most of us have read about the importance of setting goals, and many of us have set and achieved them at least some of the time.

When we don’t achieve them, or when we don’t quite get that sense of satisfaction we expected when we do achieve them, however, do we know why? The chances are that our goals aren’t truly in alignment with what’s really important to us – our values. Every time we make a decision in our personal or business life, we are probably choosing one value over another. We might resist an opportunity to gain recognition or accomplishment in order to have family time or retain harmony. We may seek challenge or excitement over stability and comfort.

The key is to know what’s important to us, to increase our knowledge of our own values and to identify where we are living in a way that supports our values and where we are not.

When our goals (which are often influenced by our current social and work environment) are not in alignment with our values (which have often been passed down to us and shaped over time) we may be in conflict with ourselves about how our lives should be lived. This is unlikely to produce congruence between our goals and our achievements.

Our values can be either dormant or conscious motivators depending upon our awareness and our desire to identify and embrace them.

Whilst our values can be our “guiding lights” both in our business and personal lives, they are also likely to make a significant contribution to our legacy, what we leave behind and what we are remembered for. Our legacy is not necessarily all about the “worldly possessions” inherited by our beneficiaries.

What will you leave behind? Is there something you need to do?

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