Values Based Estate Planning

Values based decision making, as it relates to legacy, creates a mindset that drives authenticity and allows integrity, personal feelings and wishes to flourish.  Belief based decision making based on external influences and experiences of the past and may not be the best way to make decisions about our future or to support us in our legacy objectives. 

Values are ultimately related to our needs and, when used for decision making, the focus is what we need in order to feel a sense of well-being.  From a legacy perspective, they reflect what we truly want to leave behind together with the distribution of our tangible assets.

When we approach Estate Planning from a values base we remove ourselves from a mere quantification process to one of intimacy and emotion; to one of sharing and caring and a priceless first step in creating our Effective Legacy™.

We also introduce a sense of self-awareness and a powerful motivation to create our legacy.

As Daniel Coleman puts it in “Working with Emotional Intelligence”

               “Personal values are not lofty abstractions, but intimate credos that we may never quite articulate in words as much as feel.  Our values translate into what has emotional power or resonance for us, whether negative or positive. Choices in keeping with this inner rudder… are energising.  They not only feel right but maximise the attention and energy available for pursing them.”

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